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What do you know about sex? If you’re like most people, you got information
(both truth and myths) from embarrassed parents, confused friends,
“too little too late” high school sex ed classes, romantic movies,
and perhaps your own experimentation. In this lively, interactive
program that’s tailored to the specific needs of your campus
or group, our sex educators explode the most common
lies about sex, reveal the truths college students
should — but often don’t — know about sex, and
share secrets to making sex and relationships both
healthy and fun for students of all genders and
sexual orientations. When it comes to sex, the stakes
are high, and our sex experts cover what students
need and want to know. Students say that getting
answers to their sex questions (asked anonymously,
answered honestly) is the best part of all!

Topics covered include:

  • consent
  • communication in sexual situations
  • sexual assault prevention
  • both abstinence and safer sex
    (including how to use safer sex supplies correctly)
  • drinking & sex

What Makes Our Sex Ed Stand Out

  • We know that one size does not fit all. We tailor each program for each campus, based on an in-depth questionnaire and conversations with organizers about their goals and the campus culture.
  • Our speakers co-present in pairs, allowing more than one gender perspective to be incorporated into the presentation, something that’s particularly valuable for a topic like sex.
  • We’re inclusive. All of our programs are inclusive of students of all sexual orientations and gender identities (we teach programs specifically on LGBTQ issues, too). We design our programs toStudents write down questions about programMany students say getting answers to their sex questions is their favorite part — they get honest answers to the things they really want to know, plus a sneak peek into what their friends and peers are wondering about. Here, students at the University of Alaska – Anchorage write down their appropriate for students who are already sexually active, as well as those who are postponing sexual activity.
  • We’re honest and knowledgeable. All our presenters have backgrounds in the field of human sexuality. Our collective experience counseling sexual assault survivors, training peer educators, running support groups, answering hotline calls, counseling clients at risk for HIV, facilitating coming out groups for LGBTQ people, and answering thousands of student sex questions means that what we teach is based on real-world situations.
  • We’re lively, interactive, and creative. You’ll never see our speakers behind a podium, but you can expect props, funny projected images, and interactive activities in all our programs.
  • We think laughter is important (at appropriate times). We know that being well-informed about sex reduces students’ risks of STIs, HIV, unplanned pregnancy, and sexual assault. But that doesn’t mean our teaching relies on scare tactics or dry speeches. We’re serious about serious topics, but we find plenty of appropriate times for humor!

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